Painting for Renovation Projects.


Painting for a Renovated House

Painting for Renovation Projects.

Painting for Renovation Projects.

If you want to modernize or renovate your house, then you must need the professional painting services because paint is the basic part of the home. But you should keep in mind that if you are spending money on this, it should be worth it.

In case the house you want to renovate was build before 1978, then you are required to be extra careful about it. The houses, constructed and decorated at that time contain the lead based paint, which can be disturbed. The renovation activities can create the lead dust, which is extremely hazardous; by disturbing the lead based paint. This dust and chips can cause health issues as they are really harmful for all, especially for the children and the expecting women. Therefore, it is very important to do the job safely if you want to disturb the lead painted surfaces with the repaint project.

For this reason, EPA issued a rule that explained the use of the lead safe practices and was applied in April 2010. Under this rule, all the contractors performing the painting projects, who want to disturb the lead paints in homes, schools or child care facilities, need to be certified and follow the specified practices to minimize the lead contamination.

We are issued with this certificate as well and so we are completely eligible for painting the renovated homes, even if they are too old.

First we listen to your recommendations and demands, then we put our part and suggest you the best options for your home or whichever place you are interested in renovating.

There are many houses in which the lead paint is in good repair and then there are others, where the lead is peeling or chipping, so there are various methods to cover up the lead and we will make sure to pick the safest method for your project, because our main goal is to reduce the harmful effects by creating as minimum lead dust as possible.

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